3.3. Management via the Web Interface

QOS provides a World Wide Web-based interface to monitor and control the operation of the Server. By default the Server binds to port 9991. The page is password-protected using the name and password pairs in the configuration.

The web page displays the logged-in user and the Server uptime. Three buttons and three links control the Server and display current status information:


Shuts down the QOS Server. The Server will finish collecting data from any pending Agent connections before exiting.


Causes the Server to synchronize the in-memory internal state database with the one stored on disk.


Reloads the configuration file ConfData.db and schedules configuration updates for all Agents.

Go to Incident Form

A work in progress -- originally it was to provide a form to send emails detailing outages.

Go to Status Page

Displays a panel of outstanding notifications. The proverbial "blinky-light page." The page automatically refreshes every minute, so it can be left running on a display so the current status of the system can be ascertained instantly.

Go to Agents Page

Displays a panel detailing the name, version, and last check-in time of all Agents reporting into the Server.

Go to Disabled Entities Page

Displays a panel listing all Entities whose status is set to 'off', meaning that the Entity exists in the configuration but its status is not being checked by the Server.

Go to Config Page

Opens the QOS Configuration GUI, where changes to the Server configuration can be made via the Web.