Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents
1.1. What is QOS?
1.2. System Requirements
1.3. Support
1.4. Contributors

1.1. What is QOS?

QOS is a scalable, cross-platform, object-oriented monitoring framework capable of measuring and reporting on system and network parameters throughout a computer installation. QOS is currently deployed at large World Wide Web sites, internal computation farms, and developer networks.

QOS, which stands for Quality Of Service, is comprised of a central Server and Agents installed on systems throughout the network. The Agent records system parameters, such as the running processes, available memory, and network connectivity, and passes this information on to the Server. The Server records this information decides whether the information merit notification by comparing it to configured Triggers and sends email notifications if the value exceeds the trigger.

QOS is written using the Python programming language. Python is an object-oriented scripting language optimized for best speed on multiple platforms, be it UNIX, MacOS, or Windows. Information on Python is available at Python's Web site.

QOS is designed with specific goals in mind: